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Ep. 486 - The "Me-Centered" Society

January 09, 2023 Rob Kaiser Episode 486
All Around Growth
Ep. 486 - The "Me-Centered" Society
Show Notes

“From a broad societal standpoint, one of the greatest (and most observable) effects of digitization is the emergence of the "me-centered" society – a process of individuation and emergience of new forms of belonging and community.  Contrary to the past, the notion of belonging to a community today is more defined by personal projects and individual values and interests rather than by space (the local community), work, and family.” - Klaus Schwab, The Fourth Industrial Revolution


Tune in and listen to the irony as Rob shares his thoughts on what "The 'Me-Centered' Society" means to him.  This is the audio of the most recent LIVE STREAM from Sunday, 01/08/2023 at 7:30pm EST.

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