All Around Growth

Ep. 471 - Checking in With Goals ✅

November 23, 2022 Episode 471
All Around Growth
Ep. 471 - Checking in With Goals ✅
Show Notes

You can put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life immediately, if you create a clear plan, decide what’s important to you, and ACT.  

In today's show, we discuss the Goal Setting Guide, the process of moving through the workbook, accountability, and community that will help you:  

  • Discover who you are and why you're here and build the confidence to make it happen
  • Establish your vision, mission, and goals
  • Develop your framework, timeline, budget, and plan

If you're not sure where to start because it all seems so complicated...'re on the right path. ✅ 

Keep going. 

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