All Around Growth

Ep. 460 - Cody Grey on Living and Providing

November 08, 2022 Episode 460
All Around Growth
Ep. 460 - Cody Grey on Living and Providing
Show Notes

Cody Matthew Grey is an authentic human who wants to be close to his resources. 

He is a hunter, forager, and market grower, selling direct to consumer through farmers' markets and online. 

He provides resources for himself and his family, primarily food, through hunting, gathering, and cultivating domesticated plants. 

Join Rob for a recent interview with Cody, where we dive into topics including his personal background and travels (including Slab City and Mexico), various farming endeavors and the journey that ended up with him being a full time market grower. 

We discuss successes and challenges along the way, physical and mental fitness, work / life balance, hobbies, what it takes to be a market grower, parenting and fatherhood, favorite books and podcasts, and more.  This is a show you won't want to miss! 


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