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Ep. 459 - Weekend Market Recap: No Markets...Now What?

November 07, 2022 Episode 459
All Around Growth
Ep. 459 - Weekend Market Recap: No Markets...Now What?
Show Notes

With no farmers' markets this past might think things are slowing down here on the homestead.  Join Rob as he provides some insight on the activity here at York Meadow Farm this past weekend including continued production, potential new sales locations, and prioritization of business tasks.

It's time to return to the nuts & bolts before growing any further. 

Much of this dialogue comes from a great discussion with my brother Saturday night after the kids went to bed.  Please enjoy some of what I took away from it.

This discussion is also in line with the Goal Setting Guide which will be discussed and/or linked to in every episode this week.  Let's get ready for 2023!  Today!

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