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Ep. 193 - Functional Nutrition

September 14, 2021 Rob Kaiser Episode 193
All Around Growth
Ep. 193 - Functional Nutrition
Show Notes

In this episode, Rob discusses his introduction to Functional Nutrition.  This episode is a follow up to the Functional Medicine After Action Review (AAR) from last Wednesday, immediately after my appointments with the Functional Medicine Department at the Cleveland Clinic.  

Which brings us to today, where I will be reviewing my written notes (finally) from last week:

Elimination Diet (Grain Free)

No Counting Calories / No counting macros

We are looking at the symptoms as a whole / root cause analysis of problems

Functional Nutrition

Healthful eating personalized to your:

o    genetics, lifestyle, environment, health concerns, 

§  Scientifically sound

§  Looking at food as *information* (energy, medicine, connection, etc.)

§  Quality over quantity 

§  (they acknowledge that optimal diets require *less* food / don’t need much)

§  Whole Foods Based

Food Tracking is NOT essential (counting calories / macros)

*Focus on the Elimination Food Plan

·         Review the 30-page comprehensive guide

·         Everything in the presentation was retrieved from this guide

6–8-week time period for food elimination diet

Instead of counting carbs, we find balance with food

Elimination food plan = anti-inflammatory

·         Removing potential food to add back in slowly, while monitoring responses of body when reintroduced to diet

Foods to remove

·         Gluten / grains

·         Diary

·         Corn/soy/peanuts

·         Alcohol

·         Caffeine

·         Coffee, Soda, Black Tea (1 cup coffee in morning is ok)

·         Chocolate (no dairy based chocolate)

·         Added sugar

·         Smoked or processed meats (preservative free ok)


·         Poultry ok

·         Seafood (in limited quantities) ok

·         Red Meats:

o    Lamb / wild game / bison ok

o    Beef is not

·         No pork 

There is a protein structure in beef that is often more inflammatory than other red meats

Animal proteins – begin with palm sized portion

Consider utilizing collagen peptides in meals / smoothies

We will be eating legumes

No grains to be consumed, but can consume modified grains / seed such as:

·         Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Sorghum, Teff, Wild Rice

Increase non-starchy veggies, 5-6 cups (raw) a day

Diet:  Fiber, Fat, Protein (carbs if you want)

Follow up in 4-6 weeks after starting the elimination diet




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