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Lenten Reflections: Embracing Forgiveness and Transformation - Season 5, Episode 11

March 19, 2024 Rob Kaiser Season 5 Episode 11
All Around Growth
Lenten Reflections: Embracing Forgiveness and Transformation - Season 5, Episode 11
Show Notes

Join us for a poignant episode as we dive into the profound significance of Forgiveness Sunday and the Rite of Forgiveness in the Orthodox Church, marking the beginning of Great Lent.  In a heartfelt announcement, I share my decision to depart from the podcast and social media for the duration of this sacred season, seeking introspection and spiritual renewal.  

Throughout this episode, we explore the essence of forgiveness and repentance, key themes of Lent, through insightful articles by Fr. George Morelli. "Forgiveness: The Heart and Repentance" and "The Ethos of Lent" shed light on the transformative power of forgiveness and the spiritual ethos that defines this sacred period.

As we embark on this Lenten journey, I also share the profound words of Kerry Patrick San Chirico in "Lenten Transformation," a reflection that resonates deeply with the spirit of this season.  Together, these resources provide a rich tapestry of understanding, guiding us towards a deeper connection with ourselves, each other, and the Orthodox Christian faith. 

In the show notes, you'll find links to these enlightening articles, offering further exploration into the Lenten season and its significance in the Orthodox tradition.  May this period of reflection and repentance lead us towards the joyous celebration of Christ’s Resurrection and the continual resurrection in our own lives.  Join us on this transformative journey as we embrace forgiveness and seek renewal in the light of Pascha and Great Lent.


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Forgiveness (Cheese-Fare Sunday) - Intro Music via YouTube

Great Lent and Holy Pascha

Forgiveness: The Heart and Repentance

The Ethos of Lent

Fasting and Great Lent

Lenten Transformation

The Date of Pascha

The Historical Development of Holy Week Services In the Orthodox/Byzantine Rite

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