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Harvesting Change: The Evolving Story of York Meadow Farm - Season 5, Episode 4

January 30, 2024 Rob Kaiser Season 5 Episode 4
All Around Growth
Harvesting Change: The Evolving Story of York Meadow Farm - Season 5, Episode 4
Show Notes

🌾✨ Join us for a reflective journey on today's episode, as we dive into the evolving tale of York Meadow Farm.  In the wake of recent losses, we explore our history, transitions, and the exciting shift to a farmer-owned co-op model.  From farmers' markets to workshops, retail sales, and community bonds, discover our growth story. 

Uncover our plans for communicating this transition, fostering greater opportunities for farm development.  We're thrilled to integrate the All Around Growth podcast into the co-op, sharing insights on the website for a broader audience.  York Meadow Farm is buzzing with excitement, and we are excited to share the details with the All Around Growth community before we announce it to the public!

Your feedback is invaluable, and your support fuels our journey.  A huge shoutout to Patreon supporters Wayne, Kyriaki, Sean, Rachel, and Brian! Thanks to you, we're halfway to our goal of 10 subscribers, paving the way for live-streaming, Q&A, and exclusive content. Stay tuned for the flourishing chapters ahead! 🎙️🚜
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