All Around Growth

Ep. 531 - Unveiling Our 2023 Podcast Stats and What's Next in 2024!

December 31, 2023 Rob Kaiser Episode 530
All Around Growth
Ep. 531 - Unveiling Our 2023 Podcast Stats and What's Next in 2024!
Show Notes

Welcome to the All Around Growth Podcast, where I'm your host, Rob Kaiser, inviting you on a journey through life at York Meadow Farm.  Join me each week as we explore seven core topics – Financial, Physical, Personal Development, Family, Spiritual, Social, and Career. 

In Episode 531, our final episode of 2023, we reflect on our journey and break down the year's highlights in our exclusive "Backtrack Breakdown."  Dive into the stats, explore our global reach, and discover the staying power of our top episodes, including a surprise gem from 2021. 

In our last episode, we delved into "Financial Fortitude" with special guest and Patreon supporter, Sean, sharing practical strategies for effective financial management.  If you missed it, catch up now: Ep. 530 - Financial Fortitude: Navigating Wealth Wisdom with Sean

But today is all about celebrating you, our incredible community. As a Buzzsprout "Weekly Warrior" with 76 episodes in 2023, we'll take a deep dive into our growth stats, global impact, and a sneak peek at what's in store for 2024.   

Thank you for being a part of this journey!  Whether you tune in during work or just for fun, your support means the world.  As we wrap up 2023, let's reflect on where we started back on September 30, 2020, and look forward to an exciting Season 5 in 2024. 

Join us for this "Backtrack Breakdown" on New Year's Eve – the perfect way to kick off a year of growth, reflection, and new beginnings.   

Stay tuned, stay awesome, and here's to All Around Growth! πŸŒΏπŸŽ™οΈβœ¨


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