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Ep. 523 - Medina County Freedom Cell Network Meet & Greet Recap: Conversations, Raffles, and Future Plans

November 06, 2023 Rob Kaiser Episode 523
All Around Growth
Ep. 523 - Medina County Freedom Cell Network Meet & Greet Recap: Conversations, Raffles, and Future Plans
Show Notes

Join Rob as he conducts a thorough analysis of the recent Medina County Freedom Cell Network Meet & Greet. With approximately 40 attendees, discussions spanned diverse topics, including homesteading, cryptocurrency, the US dollar's status, secure communication, gardening, canning, food preservation, the events of 2020, PMAs, taxes, common law trusts, the ketogenic diet, food supply concerns, plant medicine potential, and so much more!  

Discover how these discussions unfolded naturally, and learn about the exciting gift basket raffle where every attendee had a chance to win. We'll also discuss the email list for improved communication and resource sharing, keeping everyone informed about future gatherings.  

In this special bonus episode, we unpack the entire Medina County Freedom Cell Network Meet & Greet from last Saturday, providing insights into the reasons behind our actions, what we accomplished, and what the future holds for this vibrant community.  

Get ideas on forming your own freedom cells and explore the countless benefits they offer in fostering community, shared knowledge, and personal empowerment.


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The Freedom Cell Network
Freedom Cells are peer to peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.

  • (See the video trailer on the FCN homepage linked above)

The Freedom Cell Maual (2022)

  • What is a Freedom Cell?
  • Principles of The Freedom Cells Network
  • Why Are Freedom Cells Necessary?
  • Organizing Freedom Cells
  • 12 Tips for Building Freedom Cells
  • Organizing the Inner-Cadre
  • Methods of Organization
  • Working with the Inner Cadre
  • Create a Vision/Mission Statement
  • Establish Common Goals
  • Organizing the Middle Cadre

Freedom Cell Manual - Working Draft (Google Document - Very Comprehensive)

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