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Ep. 521 - Career Journey: Insights, Answers, and Inspiration from the Audience

October 24, 2023 Rob Kaiser Episode 521
All Around Growth
Ep. 521 - Career Journey: Insights, Answers, and Inspiration from the Audience
Show Notes

Welcome to the All Around Growth Podcast, where we delve into my personal journey as I build a business and explore homesteading.  This weekly show covers seven essential life facets: Finance, Physical, Personal Development, Family, Spiritual, Social, and Career.  

In today's episode, we delve into the realm of "career" and explore the dynamic feedback received from our engaged audience via social media platforms such as Telegram and Facebook (@allaroundgrowth).  Today's show is an unfiltered, authentic journey, shaped by the questions and insights shared by listeners and friends.  

Here's a glimpse of some audience contributions for today's show:

From Telegram:

  • Brian from the LOTS Project asks about the evolution of my career views.
  • Sean shares insights on the balance between working for others and self-employment.
  • Lettie Loo shares a local news article about teaching life skills and career paths in high school.
  • Kyriaki recently started valuing personal freedom in her career, which is a new concept for her. She came from backgrounds like the outdoor industry and art worlds, where personal freedom discussions were rare.

From Facebook:

  • Janine highlights the challenge of finding work-life balance.
  • Emily suggests discussing strategies to avoid burnout.
  • Kim raises the topic of choosing a career that serves others and the challenges of finding balance in a long-term commitment. She identifies herself as a career teacher, emphasizing the importance of mastering a craft as a career.
  • Lisa Davis mentions turning passions into a career.

Your feedback is crucial, and I'm excited to incorporate it into this episode. If you find value in today's content, please follow, engage with our community, share on social media, and leave a review on iTunes to support our growth together.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!


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