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Ep. 519 - Finding Solace and Structure: The Power of Prayer

October 10, 2023 Rob Kaiser Episode 519
All Around Growth
Ep. 519 - Finding Solace and Structure: The Power of Prayer
Show Notes

Welcome back to the All Around Growth Podcast!  While we've been on a unique journey in recent months, today, we're returning to our original mission.  Our podcast is a voyage through life's multifaceted dimensions, dedicating episodes to explore each aspect.  

Through a comprehensive goal-setting workbook (you can find the link in the show notes), we've identified seven fundamental dimensions of life:  

  • Financial, Physical, Personal Development, Family, Spiritual, Social, and Career.  

In this episode, we're revisiting one of these pivotal domains – the spiritual aspect, with the topic of "Finding Solace and Structure: The Power of Prayer."  

Today, we'll delve deep into the transformative influence of prayer in our lives.  Revisiting these seven life dimensions provides not just structure to our show but also structure to our lives.  It's been evident that when the show has structure, it extends to my personal life, and today's discussion on prayer will expand on the idea of structure.  

Over the weekend, I was gifted a prayer book after attending church, and it struck me how prayer can offer a profound sense of organization and structure to our lives.  This shift in perspective has taken me from seeing religion as a system of control and oppression to embracing it as a source of tradition, community, and love.  

In this episode, we'll explore several different themes:

  • The significance of structure in life.
  • How prayer can be a powerful tool for bringing order and purpose to your life.
  • My personal journey of exploring prayer and meditation over the past 12-18 months.
  • A heartfelt story about the prayer book that was gifted to me recently.
  • A brief overview of the various prayer books I've encountered on this enlightening journey.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the show and gain some understanding into what prayer has to offer us when we implement it into our lives.  


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