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Ep. 516 - Charting Growth: Reflecting on The Introduction of The All Around Growth Podcast

September 19, 2023 Rob Kaiser Episode 516
All Around Growth
Ep. 516 - Charting Growth: Reflecting on The Introduction of The All Around Growth Podcast
Show Notes

In today's episode, as we approach the 3-year anniversary of the show, we're revisiting the Top 5 episodes of all time. Our #3 top-rated episode is "Episode 1 - An Introduction to the All Around Growth Podcast." In this episode, we delve into the show's original goals and objectives, tracing our journey from the beginning to where we stand today.

We'll explore the vibrant community surrounding the show, and how it's interconnected with other communities. We discuss the evolution of the community, the podcast itself, and how Rob's life has transformed. One constant remains—the unwavering commitment to the show's core principles: documenting and sharing personal experiences of growth and development in all facets of life, what we call All Around Growth. 

We kick things off with the motto, "If you're not growing, you're dying," a poignant reminder from a former Marine boss. Rob delves into various sayings and clichés about change, addressing why we often struggle to enact the changes we desire. He also shares valuable tools and resources that have served as a framework for change. Rob emphasizes that we possess the ability to change if we truly want to and helps us understand the factors influencing our decisions to change or remain stagnant. 

From discussions on change to conformity, this episode provides an opportunity for Rob to reflect on the entire history of the show and his life on the homestead over the past three years. It's a journey filled with life's ups and downs, faithfully represented in the show. 

Are you on a path of growth or stagnation? Are you content with your life's trajectory? Why do you make the choices you do? Rob explores the idea that being selfish can actually be a positive thing. As a bonus, he shares timeless words of wisdom from Dad towards the end of the episode. 

Join the All Around Growth Community on Telegram and other social media platforms to share the changes you're making in your life. We deeply appreciate your participation in this three-year journey, and we're excited about the future. If you'd like to be interviewed and become a part of the show, reach out to Rob and let's make it happen. Your involvement has been integral to the organic growth of this show, and we look forward to your continued participation.


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