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Ep. 513 - Harvesting Change: Homestead Transitions and Simple Living

August 29, 2023 Rob Kaiser Episode 513
All Around Growth
Ep. 513 - Harvesting Change: Homestead Transitions and Simple Living
Show Notes

Join Rob for a morning stroll, where he sips his coffee and muses on the ever-evolving landscape of his life on the homestead.  With a contemplative spirit, Rob takes us through a journey of reflections over the past 18 months and the near future. 

He revisits pivotal moments, from leaving his day job to navigating his first market season with his parents, to the challenges of winter markets and his father's battle with cancer. Rob also discusses the changing rhythm of life as summer turns to autumn and shares insights into rebranding his fermented food product line, upcoming events, and plans for his friend's chickens. 

Rob imparts a valuable perspective on planning. He advocates for a shift away from excessive planning, instead emphasizing the importance of surrendering to life's unpredictable course and adapting to God's plan. In his own words, it's about "doing the next right thing" while embracing life's inherent complexity, not as a content creator but as an ordinary man seeking a simple existence amidst a sea of change.


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