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Ep. 512 - Soul-Searching on the Homestead: Finding Purpose in Every Step

August 22, 2023 Rob Kaiser Episode 512
All Around Growth
Ep. 512 - Soul-Searching on the Homestead: Finding Purpose in Every Step
Show Notes

In this introspective episode, join Rob as he dives deep into the fundamental question that has shaped his journey on the homestead: "Why do we do what we do?" This question, posed by an audience member, has been a constant companion since Rob's teenage years, propelling him to seek meaning in every facet of his life.  

Before Rob unpacks the profound "why" of his choices, he provides a glimpse into his current role as a contract laborer and the challenges of restructuring the family business following his father's recent passing. Discover the history of the family business, its current status, and the future Rob envisions for it. 

As Rob delves into his passion for fermented foods and self-sufficiency, he challenges you, the listener, to reflect on your own path. What choices have brought you to where you are today, and where do you aspire to be a decade from now? 

From market gardening and microgreens to caring for ducks and beyond, Rob shares the diverse elements that have shaped his homesteading journey. While he's made significant progress, there's still more he wishes to achieve. Tune in to learn about his evolving 10-year plan and the process of crafting a new one. 

Rob invites you to engage in the conversation by sharing your "why" in the comments and on social media. What motivates and inspires you? For Rob, it's the desire to serve his family, helping them realize their dreams and goals while finding balance amidst the homesteading grind. 

Join us on this thought-provoking episode as Rob navigates the path to purpose, offering insights into self-discovery, goal-setting, and the importance of self-care in the journey towards becoming a homesteader. 


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