All Around Growth

Ep. 496 - Finding My Religion

February 27, 2023 Episode 496
All Around Growth
Ep. 496 - Finding My Religion
Show Notes

This show is inspired by a blog post titled “Finding My Religion.”  Lettie, a long time and active audience member, recently shared some reflections about her own spiritual journey – which inspired me to do the same.  

Accordingly, I have titled this episode with the exact same title of the work that she published on Monday, February 13, 2023.  You can read it here:

Speaking openly about my spiritual path is something I’ve always been somewhat reluctant to do, but seeing Lettie write about it so openly encouraged me to put my fears aside and share my own journey.  

My hope with this episode is that it reaches those of you who are seeking to do exactly that.  It often times feels like a long, arduous, and lonely road…but I can assure you that you are not alone in doing so.  

Before tuning into this live stream, I would strongly encourage you to read her blog post here: 

Thank you in advance for keeping an open mind and an open heart and for listening to my journey.  

May God bless you on yours. 

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