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Ep. 466 - Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox…OH MY!

November 16, 2022 Episode 466
All Around Growth
Ep. 466 - Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox…OH MY!
Show Notes

In today’s show, we are going to do a deep dive into a few different aspects of Christianity.  I understand that religion and spirituality are not the topics of choice for many people in the audience.  

With that said, I would encourage you to keep an open mind with regard today’s show – because the purpose of today’s show is to obtain information and share what I am learning.  

This episode is not about the promotion of any particular faith or denomination.  

It is about Rob's rediscovery and walk of faith.  

He shares his own spiritual backstory before taking a deep dive into a few different aspects of Christianity before diving deep into the differences between the Roman Catholic church and various Eastern Orthodox churches.  

We talk about spirituality in this show because I set spiritual goals life.

We set goals in 7 areas of life:

  • Financial, Physical, Personal Development, Family, Spiritual, Social, Career


Consider reframing the way in which you think about life and goals.  

Instead of chasing YOUR dreams and passion...

...perhaps consider what God’s purpose for you in this life is.

If you find the word “God” unsavory – then please feel free to insert the word “creator” or “universe” into that message. 

For I believe thinking outside of ourselves is the key to truly understanding ourselves.

Discussion Links:

Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox: What's the Difference?

Roman Catholicism, Protestant Christianity, and the Eastern Orthodox Church are the three historic branches of the Christian religion.

Other notable links:

  • Eastern Catholic Churches -
  • Who Are Coptic Christians? Discover Their History and Beliefs -
  • Ethiopian Catholic Church -
  • Byzantine Christianity -
  • Catholic Church -
  • What Is the Orthodox Church? History and Beliefs of Orthodoxy -


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