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Ep. 428 - Community Support Coalition

September 23, 2022 Rob Kaiser Episode 428
All Around Growth
Ep. 428 - Community Support Coalition
Show Notes

Take a few minutes of your time today to record some words for encouragement for Kara.  She is running a marathon tomorrow, Saturday, 09/24/2022 - and we have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative effort to give her the encouragement she may need when she hits that wall.  26 miles is a long way!  Please consider listening and giving a few minutes of your time to the Community Support Coalition!  

The message Rob contributes to the CSC for Kara stirred up a lot of memories of his own marathon and weight loss journey over the last +10 years.  Today, you'll hear the what, why, and how Rob began his own health journey which included a marathon in California...but you don't need to run a marathon or live in California to overcome your own challenges.  Tune in today to hear what you need to do when you hit your own wall in life!

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