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Ep. 424 - Farmers' Market Recap and Charismatic Vendors!

September 19, 2022 Episode 424
All Around Growth
Ep. 424 - Farmers' Market Recap and Charismatic Vendors!
Show Notes

With football season upon us, school back in session...change is in the air!  Join Rob today as he discusses the farmers' market last weekend in this Monday Farmers' Market Update!  

You'll hear how Rob and Mom worked the farmers' market by themselves (and why), the changes to our market booth display and how we modified the booth to work more efficiently.  
With increased sales and increased feedback from the customers, we are considering making even *more* of one of our new products, especially as we expand our market presence.  

To conclude the show, Rob talks about a new vendor at the market and the charismatic pair that run their booth...specifically about how they promote their product at the market.  

Today's episode is packed full with market updates along with a teaser of tomorrow's show which has to do with the updated item photos that will soon be posted in the online store!  


Be sure to check out the Telegram Group to get a sneak peek of the online store and the ability to place an order and see what it's all about before anyone else!


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