All Around Growth

Ep. 422 - Joint Ventures and BIG SAVINGS for the Online Store!

September 15, 2022 Rob Kaiser Episode 422
All Around Growth
Ep. 422 - Joint Ventures and BIG SAVINGS for the Online Store!
Show Notes

Audience feedback and guidance from mentors have led to joint ventures between this show and others that benefits us both and helps us all grow.  In today's show, Rob talks about these joint ventures in the form of sponsorship and affiliates and how that resulted in big savings for YOU when it comes to purchasing products online at York Meadow Farm!  

When the online store opens next week at York Meadow Farm, use the promo code "ALLAROUNDGROWTH" at checkout - you will save 25% on all orders!  

We may even have an opportunity for test sales.  

If interested, contact me!


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