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Ep. 415 - Our History at Local Farmers' Markets

September 06, 2022 Episode 415
All Around Growth
Ep. 415 - Our History at Local Farmers' Markets
Show Notes

Medina is a city in and the county seat of Medina County, Ohio, about 33 miles south of Cleveland and 23 miles west of Akron within the Greater Cleveland area. The population was 26,094 at the 2020 Census. Wikipedia

Medina is a hot spot for local food and farmers' markets.  With 2 different farmers' markets three miles from one another during market season and a number of short off-season markets and everything the Historic Medina Public Square has to offer - it's a local shoppers' dream!  

Join Rob has he talks to you about York Meadow Farm's history with the local markets, the two different markets Medina currently offers and the options provided for local shoppers!


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Medina Farmers Market

Medina Square Farmers Market We'll see you May 14-October 15, 2022! ... ​The Medina Farmers Market is located on Historic Medina Square.


Come and spend the day or evening with us to shop, dine, and experience the historic charm of Medina's Public Square and Gazebo.

The Farmers Market of Medina County

The Farmers Market of Medina County is home to o

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