All Around Growth

Ep. 398 - The Social Butterfly Dances with Turbulent Winds

August 11, 2022 Episode 398
All Around Growth
Ep. 398 - The Social Butterfly Dances with Turbulent Winds
Show Notes

We’ve already identified that life is comprised of these different areas:  financial, physical, personal development, family, spiritual, social, and our career.  

This comes from the 2022 Goal Setting Workbook – which I will link to in the show notes. 

Part of the introduction to the workbook reads:

Here’s the framework for this entire process. You might want to just park on this section for a little while - and then incorporate your answers into the following sections. You can write on any of the lines in this document - then print it out for easy reference if you’d like. 

  • If we were meeting three years from today, what has to have happened during that three-year period for you to feel happy about your progress?
  • What are the biggest challenges you’ll have to face and deal with in order to achieve that progress? 
  • What are the biggest opportunities you have that you can focus on and capture to achieve those things?  
  • What strengths will you need to reinforce and maximize, and what skills and resources will you need to develop that you don’t currently have in order to capture those opportunities?

Now, the remaining 15 pages of the workbook is a structured process that has us setting three-year goals and then work backward to what you need to do today to make deposits in what you want your life to be three years from now.  

This is a great plan to follow if you’ve been struggling to find one that works for you.  

Join Rob as we talk about a balanced life today – and how too much focus on one area of life can lead to imbalance...and ultimately, we’ll talk about what YOU can do to find balance in YOUR life.  


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