All Around Growth

Ep. 380 - Free Talk on Career

July 18, 2022 Episode 380
All Around Growth
Ep. 380 - Free Talk on Career
Show Notes

Since deciding to participate in "The Great Resignation" just over two months ago - Rob shares the ups and downs of his new career path in today's "free talk" episode.  

Tune in to hear how I've been busier than I ever have been in my life - even though I'm not employed full time, and have yet to replace the income that I once had.  

My original career plans stalled, I went cold turkey off tobacco, got sick for the first time in over two years, and gained twenty pounds in less than a month...what happened?  

In today's episode, you'll hear steps I've taken to get back on the train - and some additional insight that I've gained during this rollercoaster of what might be considered "self-employment" and a complete reconsideration of the life I want and the direction I wish to go... 

I am confident you will enjoy today's episode.


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