All Around Growth

Ep. 379 - Social Media

July 15, 2022
All Around Growth
Ep. 379 - Social Media
Show Notes

Join Rob as he discusses social media and how YOU can be a part of our growing team of admins and moderators.  

If you're a content creator - this is also a great opportunity to write or create content with regard to any of the topics we cover on this show:  

  • Financial  
  • Physical  
  • Personal Development  
  • Family  
  • Spiritual  
  • Social  
  • Career  

As  we grow our lives...we realize that we can't go it alone - and that if we try, it's often times quite miserable.  The way in which we go about approaching life together is important - and the quality of the people we interact with and build teams with is important as well. 

I am impressed with the quality of people within our Telegram Group Chat.  We've got a solid crew there that has helped us get set up with the Lightning Tip Bot in the group chat. 

What does that mean?  In a nutshell, it allows people to easily utilize Bitcoin (BTC) in a transaction type mode through the Lightning network.  I may not even be explaining this correctly, but we've got a team of people who can, and that's what matters. 

If you want to be part of our growing team of quality people that helps grow the show and create content on various social media platforms, let me know!  This show is where it is in large part because of our community and how we are co-creating life together. 

This life we're trying to live is not something we can do ourselves.  While there are plenty of people out there that try to go the route of the lone wolf - it's not really appropriate for the context of the world we live in.  Today's show on being social covers building a team and going outside of your comfort zone in order to build and develop what it is that we're working on.  


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